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Peter Gentenaar’s makes beautiful paper sculptures that appear to float weightlessly like petals or leaves in an imaginary breeze. This resemblance to leaves begins with his process: 

Because I started out as a printmaker and sculptor, it took time to lose the idea that paper was a helpful carrier for prints or a filler for moulds. Gradually I found that the single sheet of paper, which had not dried yet, had all the possibilities I needed. A paper sheet is thin and strong and can be compared to the leaf on a tree or plant. Reinforced with very thin ribs of bamboo that look like the ribs of a leaf, the analogy between the sheet of paper and the plant form is emphasized even more. By beating my pulp very long, an extraordinary play of forces occurs during the drying processes of my paper sculpture. The paper will shrink considerably, up to 40%, and the forces associated with this, put the non shrinking bamboo framework under stress. The tension between the two materials transforms itself into a form reminiscent of a slowly curling autumn leaf.


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This beautiful sculpture of Toothless was made by the amazingly talented Strenco on DA ( )
The details on this are just gorgeous, and what really surprised me was that she didn’t forget the arm spikes, which a lot of people seem to forget he has. The details are perfect, and the little fish she added as a little surprise is just adorable as well ^^ If you can’t tell by the last picture, the tail is a little busted because the company who shipped him wasn’t careful, but Strenco had reinforced the tail with a wire, so it can be easily glued back into place. The packaging was very very carefully done, a he was in a bag, in a box full of packing peanuts, inside another box full of newspapers. Very very well made and very beautiful! <3 The shade of black is perfect as well, because without the flash on my camera he is black, but with the flash of the camera he looks blue, which is how it is in the movie. I absolutely adore him <3

This is such a stunning sculpture, my goodness. It looks exactly like him, even more than some official stuff. XD The fish is just a charming touch. What a piece!!

(Source: i-m-snek)